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With timeless design creations that draw inspiration from Scandanvian culture and a deep heritage for an art nouveau style, Georg Jensen has consistently employed some of the world’s best jewellers designers (such as Henning Koppel and Sigvard Bernadotte) to create collections that range from sophisticated and timeless classics to bold and sculptural contemporary pieces.

To help you discover the finest Georg Jensen jewellery pieces, we’ve hand selected an elegant range of earrings, bracelets, pendants and rings in sterling silver and 18 karat rose gold and yellow gold that provide the perfect pieces to wear on a special occasion.



Capturing the beauty of a perfect arc in sterling silver and 18 karat yellow gold, Regitze Overgaard’s bold and sculptural Curve bangles, earrings, pendants and rings combine striking Scandinavian design with quality craftsmanship, elements that are synonymous with the Georg Jensen brand.

Mixing the finest Silver & Gold with elegant flowing lines, the curve range has a beautiful design ethos that will help to elevate the wrist, neckline and face of the wearer and will aid in accentuating your beauty and elegance. Whether this is your first purchase of Georg Jensen jewellery or a further addition to your collection, the curve range is one of our best selling new arrivals and demands to be worn.

To help you discover the perfect piece from this truly elegant collection, as official stockists of Georg Jensen we've worked to source you the finest pieces from across the range. Shop the full collection below and get Free Shipping on every order.




With an amazing history that spans more than 100 years back through time, Georg Jensen represents a renowned ethos for quality craftsmanship and timeless aesthetic design, producing lifestyle products ranging from home decor to watches, jewellery and fine silverware.

Right from the very start of his journey, Georg Jensen believed in a philosophy for creating beautiful yet democratic designs that possess both functionality and beauty. His artisanal skill and artistic flair combined with his ongoing ability to use some of the finest outside designers has laid a foundation on which his brand has developed throughout the last century and beyond.

Operating from Copenhagen, Denmark since 1904, Georg Jensen’s style embraces Art Nouveau lines that are injected with elegant charasteristics and a distinctive vigour, something that continues to resonate through each piece today. Serene and liquid flowing creations are enriched by exquisitely sculpted ornamentation, and the use of stylised bouquets of flowers and lush bunches of grapes reflect his sensual delight in nature.

No matter what creation they put their name to, their most important task is to leverage the ideas and principles of the master himself and translate these into the design of the present day that demands to be loved for a lifetime.