At Steffan’s Jewellers we are ever on the lookout for the horology world’s most up-and-coming pieces, he newest addition to our watch collection is the vibrant flash of colour that is TAG Heuer’s Monopoly design. Available as an automatic Carrera or quartz Formula 1 with a choice of metal or rubber strap, the watches are made truly one-of-a-kind by the graffiti image on the dial. Both pieces have sports influences and racing features, presenting a unique interpretation of TAG Heuer’s characteristic aesthetic. Alec Monopoly’s brand signature can be found engraved on back of case.

So, who is Alec Monopoly?

Alec Monopoly is an appellation of Alec Andon, the 32-year-old son of wealthy financiers from New York who acts as an ‘anonymous’ graffiti artist. Alec has worked in New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico, Europe, and Asia doing his best to avoid criminal vandalism, only tagging buildings not owned by businesses or the government. His art features many pop culture characters with an underlying commentary on the current state of American capitalist culture.

As a brand ambassador for TAG Heuer, Alec took part in the design process of our new watches. The watch dial features Alec’s interpretation of the Monopoly Man, with his inspiration found in fellow New York native and pathological fraudster Bernie Madoff. Madoff is serving a 150-year prison sentence as the perpetrator of America’s largest case of financial fraud in US history, a fraud valued at nearly $65 billion (about £52 billion), making him a truly notorious figure in the financial world. At 80 years of age, Madoff is currently believed to be running a hot cocoa monopoly in prison to turn a profit.

Alec Andon’s depiction of the Monopoly Man is intended as a criticism of bank bailouts and deregulation. This narrative pervades the new TAG Heuer designs, making sure these watches aren’t just a pretty face.

Quirky and eye-catching, you don’t have to be appreciative of the message to find the Monopoly watches intriguing. Their colourful imagery is just bold enough to be stylish without losing the classic, contemporary edge you generally find in TAG Heuer timepieces. Certainly a new favourite in our collection, make sure to stop in and see them for yourself before they all fly off the shelves for Christmas!