Gucci Trademark Collection: A modern design icon

We want to take a moment to highlight a true superstar amongst our selection of jewellery collections here at Steffans. We're sure you are well familiar with the timelessly classic aesthetic of Gucci's iconic Trademark Heart Collection, and the prominence of the collection's stronghold in fashion is sure to continue for years to come. Simple, classy, and versatile, the Heart Collection is crafted from high-quality sterling silver, plated in rhodium for shine and durability.

The glossy heart that features on each piece sports unmistakable Gucci Jewellery branding, paying homage to the renowned founder of one of the oldest historic fashion houses still running today. Gucci was born out of the mind of Guccio Gucci in 1921 to cater to the aristocracy, mainly with gear for horseback riding. After a century of unfettered growth and development, and a series of changing creative directors, Gucci has ultimately transformed into a household name that signifies luxury.

Gucci is known for boldness and opulence, often stepping out as a brand and frequently jumping readily into otherworldly, sometimes controversial designs. As for the Trademark Heart Collection, the range features an abundance of matching, minimalist pieces that balance Gucci’s tendencies toward overt maximalism. Put simply, these quaint pieces of silver are the Gucci jewellery equivalent of that favourite pair of jeans that comfortably matches everything else in your wardrobe.

This is truly a refreshing tone from a brand that embraces excess and glamour as virtuous companions. This treasure among Gucci's designs has never - and likely will never - go out of style. Immune to the tumultuous system of fashion trends and seasons, the Trademark Heart Collection is a definite indication toward Gucci’s recent pursuit of ‘seasonless fashion’, and to their concerted efforts to make luxury and sustainability synonymous and accessible.

At Steffans, we find the legacy of Gucci inspiring as a family name that grew into a household name, as well as a symbol of success and abundance. This holiday season, Gucci's range is worth a second look as you work through your gift list. The generous variety of pieces available makes future gift-giving a simple matter of adding matching pieces to a personal collection! We at Steffans are pleased to be your guide into the world of high-class luxury and abundance you deserve this Christmas. From our family to yours, we hope to assist in creating a safe, warm holiday season as magical as any other.