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The infamous brand, TAG Heuer, has continuously revolutionised watch making since it's birth is 1860. The prestigious watch company was founded by the young man, Edouard Heuer, when he was just 20 years old. There have been major technical revolutions such as the oscillating pinion in 1887, commercial revolutions that very quickly bought us legendary ambassidors such as Juan Manuel Fangio, and aesthetic revolutions embodied in iconic models like the Carrera launched in 1963. But what really sets TAG Heuer apart from all of their competitors is the amazing quality that they put into every timepiece. Robust and reliable, their watches are a joy to own and wear, and as their tag line suggests, they will not "crack under pressure".

Synonymous with racing, TAG Heuer has proved itself over and over again for performance. Being privileged to associate itself with Formula 1, you’ll be certain of millisecond accuracy that will ensure even the most day-to-day races are won! Whether you opt for a formal Chronograph watch or a stainless steel link watch, with a TAG Heuer timepiece you’ll be wearing a symbol of success, achievement and luxury that won’t be surpassed.

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