Well-chosen watches add an instant touch of sophistication and polish.  While the market currently targets men to an obsessive degree, wristwatches’ popularity originated with Europe’s aristocratic women and are commonly worn by anyone needing an accessory that ties a look together with professionalism. 

When finding your first watch, it is recommended to purchase one appropriate in many different settings that will compliment most of your wardrobe.  Luxury watches are more of an investment than fashion watches in that they boast greater craftsmanship and lifespan and can be the wiser choice if you are looking to purchase a single, quality piece. 

If you are looking to only own one watch, it is vital for the piece to match as much of your wardrobe as possible.  When accessorising, watch metals should match other metals you are wearing such as belt buckles, cufflinks, necklaces, or other jewellery.  Likewise, leather should match leather (or imitation, if you’re of that mind), such as shoes, belts, and bags.  Brown leather will tend to match more colours than black, however black is thought to be more formal. 


Fashion Pieces

At the lowest price point, you will find fashion watches, which can offer a variety of colours and styles, but also a relatively short lifespan compared to high end pieces.  Fashion watches are appropriate for every day, informal wear. 

Brands such as Gucci, Olivia Burton, and Hugo Boss have extensive selections of fashion watches that will suit any style.


Sports Watches

Also referred to as racing or driving watches, sports watches often include a stopwatch feature referred to as a chronograph and may also include a tachymeter for measuring speed.  Generally, these watches tend to be durable and hardy.  They can be flashy and make great conversation pieces when worn with business casual, casual, or sporting attire.  Rubber straps and highly contrasting colours are thought to be less formal, so we recommend you take this into account when choosing a watch that will be appropriate on specific occasions



The newest progression in horology, smartwatches can be priced quite high.  While making perfectly fashionable timepieces, they also offer plenty more functions that run-of-the-mill pieces are incapable of, such as communicating with your smartphone.  As standard, these watches offer plenty of options for interchangeable straps and dials that can be personalised to occasion and wardrobe.  Smartwatches are most appropriate with business casual, casual, and sporting attire when personalised as such.



Relatively durable, diving watches are designed to withstand the pressures of considerable depths with features that help divers monitor how much underwater time they have left.  These watches tend to be reliable and sturdy, even if the wearer never takes it into the sea.  Often including luminous features for ease of reading, diving watches compliment business wear when worn with a leather strap, and is otherwise best with business casual, casual, and sporting attire.



Aviation watches have always been designed for accuracy and readability, as they were originally designed for pilots before electronic navigation became the standard.  Aviation designs tend to have a charmingly vintage feel with fascinating complications that convey an abundance of information.  They often include luminescent features and most appropriately accompany business casual and casual wear.



Focused on ornamental sophistication and elegance, dress watches are understated and made of quality materials.  Leather straps are the usual standard, with black leather being the most formal, but there are those with metal bands available.  You will often find precious metals or stones included in designs, however complications such as chronographs are never included as the focus is on minimalism and simplicity.

The idea is to convey class without drawing too much attention; something that is only noticeable simply due to quality and elegance rather than gaudy features and colours.  Dress watches are best suited for black tie, business, and business casual attire.


All watches require a certain amount of care to ensure the best possible lifespan.  It is recommended to wear your watch on your non-dominant hand, keeping the timepiece out of your way and minimising damage.  Metal bands will last longer and resist damage more effectively than leather or synthetic.  When in doubt, look for a watch with interchangeable straps to avoid being committed to one aesthetic, and always make note of how often your watch may need servicing. 

Whether you are choosing your first watch or growing a collection, educating yourself to recognise true quality will help you find the piece that fits your needs.  At Steffans Jewellers, we have watch experts ready to assist you.