Steffans announce exciting new ChloBo Cosmic Connection range.

As one of the most unique jewellery brands within the Steffans range, ChloBo has, and always will be known for their originality and the diversity of their products. As a jewellery brand that is loved by Steffan’s clients and celebrities alike, ChloBo has developed a reputation for creating quirky yet elegant designs that represent the freedom of global travel and the spirit of adventure.

Inspiring women of all ages, cultures and styles, ChloBo has become a firm favourite amongst the Steffans customer base who enjoy the stacking features that the full range provides. In addition to this, our lady shoppers love the flair and individuality that ChloBo can offer.

As a result of this and the continued trends that ChloBo jewellery are setting, when it came to the release of ChloBo’s new cosmic connection range throughout both of our stores, we felt it was only right that we should put on a special event that showcased the beauty of the collection.

The event took place at the stunning Bar Fifty-Eight in the heart of Market Harborough where we had an evening with the creator of ChloBo, Chloe Moss. Here we discussed the inspiration behind the collection and how the designs for the new necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings draws inventiveness from the traditional deck of affirmation cards.

This has allowed the range to bring a touch of positivity to the wearer and offers a sense of guidance and reassurance. Products within this range welcome the addition of ChloBo’s symbolic celestial moon, sun and stars icons, as well as new additions from the affirmation cards.

Aside from giving a first glimpse of the new collection, during the evening we also got a chance to catch up with Chloe, get a greater understanding of her inspiration and understand what drives her to continue to innovate and develop the ChloBo brand. During a detailed interview Chloe had this to say:

What was your driving force behind starting your own brand?

“My driving force behind starting ChloBo was to do something creative and work for myself and build a business.”

What are you known for?

“Being as mad as a hatter but fun! Jokes aside, ChloBo is known for being on trend and stylish collectible jewellery that’s good quality and value for money. If I was to sum me up, I’d say I’m a fashionista, passionista and stylista!

What’s your most worn item?

“The piece I never take off is my gold chunky Ariella necklace that has a lion pendant on. I love it so much and I’m a Leo, so it fits perfectly!"

What challenges have you had to overcome?

“I’ve had to overcome coming to terms with running a business versus my passions.”

What’s your greatest achievement?

“I’d say my biggest achievement is creating a brand that is now known nationally with a very loyal customer base.”

What’s next?

“Currently I’m watching fashion trends very closely – watch this space!!!”

If you attended the event, thank you for coming and we hope you enjoyed yourselves. If you’d like to shop the new cosmic connection collection please visit either of our stores or shop online at