Planning a Pandemic-Proof Wedding

2021 is the best of times, and it is the worst of times. One thing we can hold as truth above all else is that no matter what challenges the world comes to, life goes on with all its joys and memories. We still meet new beginnings, refreshing growth, and life changes worth celebrating.

One of the milestones we love to celebrate with you the most at Steffans Jewellers is that ultimate display of forever love: weddings. As always, we are available to accompany you through the journey of finding wedding rings that will stand the test of time and symbolise the unity between you and your dearest. Lately, additional concerns of yours have pricked our ears – ones that are unique to these strange times – and we humbly offer our thoughts on making sure your wedding day fulfils your every dream, regardless of world events. 

First and foremost, we understand that safety is your most prominent concern. There are likely local measures and rules that can guide you, and you can contact your council if you aren’t absolutely clear on them. The last thing you want on the happiest day of your life is a hefty, unexpected fee that could have been avoided. 

If rigid rules and strict sanitation aren’t the vibe you were hoping for, there are plenty of ways you can keep things safe and clean without taking attention away from the purpose of the day. Checking in with your venue and catering staff can give you clarity and peace of mind on what to expect on the day. You can request that they regularly disinfect frequently used surfaces, follow recommended and required guidelines, and prioritise cleanliness and safety. 

Having hand sanitiser, antibacterial soap, and tissues available around the venue will give everyone ample opportunity to keep themselves hygienic. Travel size versions of these comforts, as well as fancy masks, can make delightful wedding favours. Visual measures such as masks demonstrate respect for the wellbeing of others and unity with those who may not be protected by the vaccine, for whatever reason.

By far our most difficult suggestion, but still important: keep the guest list as small as you can. Encourage people to stay home if they are at all unwell to avoid putting the most vulnerable of your loved ones in any danger. Also, recommend guests to use the NHS covid app so they can respond quickly if they are exposed.

Encourage guests who cannot make it to send congratulatory videos that can be played at the reception and create a hashtag unique to your party so photos can be found easily. These are fantastic ideas for including anyone who can't attend, whether due to new challenges or inevitable work and travel conflicts. 

Provide plenty of space between guests and tables and opt for outdoor spaces if possible. Outdoors presents the fewest risks, and canopies glimmering with fairy lights and flowers create a charming, cosy atmosphere.

When it’s time to toast, make sure to raise, not clink, glasses. This small adjustment will likely go unnoticed, and prevents contact between guest’s drinks. Charms or tags for drinks make adorable favours for guests and can also help avoid mix-ups. 

More than anything, the best advice we could give you is that, no matter the limitations, to enjoy your day. This is one day that begins the rest of your lives together, and what a beautiful life it will be.