Here at Steffans, we pride ourselves on offering the latest high fashion pieces, ensuring your Jewellery collection always stays up to date. That’s why we sat down with our in-house Designer Julles London to get all the inside information on why the new Steff Coin Collection is so popular, and how to wear them. 

The new Steff Coin Collection features pieces sculpted from the finest 18ct Rose Gold and 925 Sterling Silver, to ensure luxury and durability.  Headlining the beautiful ensemble is the Short Cross Coin Collection, and the effortlessly stylish Hexi Hoop Earrings With Coin Earring Charms. Keep reading to find out what Julles London had to say about the Northampton inspired Collection. 


Q: What is the story behind these coins and where did you get your inspiration from? 

J: There is a huge trend for coin inspired jewellery at the moment, but rather than looking to Roman coins we wanted take inspiration from our British Heritage. Northampton used to have its very own mint and collected a short cross penny struck in Northampton in 1844. We used the patterns and textures of this coin to inform the design for our Steff coins. 


Q2: Why do they work, and how can I wear them? 

The coins come in 3 different sizes and can be worn on our Mix & Match necklaces and bracelets (Kensington, Chelsea & Brompton) Or they can simply be hung on one of our Steff Chains. We have also created earring charms that slide onto out Mix & Match silver hoops and new Hexi hoop earrings. The beauty and versatility of these coins is that they look great from both sides. The surfaces and edges of the coins are undulating to mimic the aged look of the original coin. 


Q3: How and what are these coins made from, and how can I look after them? 

All of our Steff jewellery is crafted from the finest 925 Sterling silver with 18ct Rose Gold plated highlights. To look after your coins, they should be stored in an airtight pouch or wrapped in acid free tissue paper to prevent tarnishing. If they do show signs of tarnishing simply wipe with a silver cloth, cloths can be readily purchased at most reputable jewellers. Silver jewellery should never be worn when swimming and kept away from perfumes and other chemicals that can mark the surface of the silver. 


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