Sneaking a Wedding or Engagement Ring Size

When you know, you know. If you’ve come to the wonderful realisation that you have found the love of your life, we send you our love and congratulations. As one of the Northamptonshire longest established and most prestigious wedding ring and engagement ring stores, we have assisted more blissful couples than we could dream of counting. The thrill never gets old, and we are more than happy to accompany you on your journey to eternal love. 

We’ve heard every question a hopeful partner could have. Often, we are asked how they should get their sweetheart’s ring size without spoiling the surprise of that big moment when they finally pop the question. Naturally, you want that memory to be filled with magic and romance – perfect in every way. 

You know your partner better than anyone. If you feel it’s appropriate and won't dampen the mood, simply asking them might be the easiest way to find out for sure what their ring size is. Obviously, this isn’t an idea that would be suitable for just anyone, so we leave it to your best judgement.

There is also the option of commissioning a bespoke piece, unique to you both and representative of the dynamic of your relationship. We will happily work with you through this process; our goldsmith is highly skilled from years of experience doing exactly this kind of specialised craftsmanship. You can show your partner the design, letting them know it’s simply waiting for their confirmation and size. Try not to sink a fortune into your ring until you are absolutely certain you have the correct size and it’s to your partner’s taste.

Of course, nobody wants to walk away from a proposal empty handed. You can choose a temporary ring to fill that special spot until ‘The One’ comes along. We have an assortment of quality rings that will glitter and impress as long as you need it to, until either your commissioned piece is completed, or you choose a ring together. Choosing a ring together can be a greatly romantic memory to share, and our staff will be sure to whisk you both off your feet with a full champagne service. 

When you are trying to figure out their ring finger size (next to the pinky on the left hand, if you aren’t sure), you should pay attention to the jewellery they already wear. Check their jewellery box for a ring that fits the appropriate finger, and measure either with a ruler or ring sizer. Ring sizers can be found on Amazon or you ask your friendly neighbourhood jeweller (that would be us, and we’re happy to help!). Don’t measure with something like string, as it stretches and fluctuates, and won't be an accurate representation of their size. 

When all else fails, rings can always be resized in a pinch. If your guess is really, really off the mark, make sure you can both laugh it off. Try to at least get close. In the end, it’s genuinely fine if they catch on, and they very likely will, since they know you so well. Keep the fun of the charade going, keep it special, and sneak in other surprises along the way. If you keep them on their toes with surprises, they’ll never expect it when you finally pop the question.