The Winter holidays are delightful, but nothing can be truly perfect. Time with family is precious (even if it can be trying at times), food is always a welcome treat, and the anticipation of opening gifts is always riveting. However, every year we’re bound to encounter the same awkwardness; you open a gift and it’s nothing like you wanted. You open the rest and, perhaps, that one special thing you were hoping to find just isn’t there. We’re all familiar with the feeling of feigning excitement and reminding ourselves it’s the thought that counts (because really, it most definitely is), but there’s always a small part of us that wishes we didn’t have to. With budgets stretched tight, shopping after Christmas is almost unthinkable! It would be chaos, it would be a palaver, it would be an absolute circus. . . Grab your batons, light some sparklers, and prepare to be enchanted, because at Steffans Jewellers we’re throwing a circus! We have discounts as steep as 75% on nearly every brand, giving you the chance to find that special piece you wanted just for yourself. The sale starts on Boxing Day, so you can scroll through dozens of sparkling treasures to see if anything catches your eye while nibbling on Christmas dinner leftovers on the couch and winding down from festivities. We know what state Christmas tends to leave most of us in, so this sale is going to run all the way through to the end of January (Happy New Year, indeed)! While you’re opening gifts on Christmas day, feel free to throw yourself headlong into the fray of excitement and holiday cheer knowing that you can fill your own Christmas list, and focus on enjoying your loved ones instead of wondering what they’ve gotten you. It’s easy to fall into the commercialism of the season rather than the spirit; make it a point to embrace what matters most and save the wish list for later. We all know ourselves better than anyone else does, after all, and only we can pick out the things we’ll appreciate the most. Our final open days of the year are Friday, December 28th and Monday, December 31st. Please refer to our Facebook page if you are unsure of our opening hours! From all of us at Steffans Jewellers, we wish you a very happy Christmas and New Year!