Tassels; vibrant, varied, and vivacious, these playful accessories have brightened the jewellery scene.  Historically thought to be protective and often used as status symbols and fashion accessories, tassels have spent centuries evolving.  In today’s styles you’ll see them adorning bags, clothing, and jewellery.

But really, tassels are a small part of a much bigger wave of trends.  You’ll be seeing plenty of statement jewellery from chunky jewelled necklaces to chandelier earrings.  Many of these trends reference styles that are actually quite ancient, blending and acknowledging cultures that don’t often get recognition in the same light we’re currently seeing them in.

Another statement earring we’re seeing is hoops.  Most of us are familiar with them, and many remember them from the 1970’s, but Latinx and black communities have been rocking them for decades.  They are too prominent in these communities to be considered a 'trend'.  Hoop earrings dating back to 2500 BC have been discovered, so the design itself is definitely nothing new.  They have always held cultural significance, and outside of their current trend status they have oftentimes been looked down on by people who misunderstand that significance.

We’re also seeing bohemian jewellery maintaining its place as a staple favourite for Spring and Summer styles.  BoHo fashion has its deepest inspirational roots in the designs of Eastern European travellers and refugees and the Roma people, with added elements of the 1960’s hippy styles and Asian influences.

We love BoHo looks because they’re romantic and grounding, ideal for expressing our spiritual sides.  Chlobo is a great option if you’re looking for high quality Bohemian and tasselled pieces. 

There is an increase in masculine jewellery, with more men branching out of simply styling with watches to accessorising with necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  Thomas Sabo, Steff, and Gucci have a fantastic selection of men’s jewellery.  Sculptural and layered pieces give a touch of unique personality to any ensemble.

The bottom line for 2018’s Spring / Summer styles is expression and inclusiveness.  Jewellery and fashion has always been about expressing ourselves, but the coming trends are breaking boundaries and welcoming the presence of new influences.  We live in a world where Western culture no longer dominates, where every continent is connected, and where we can see into the lives of people thousands of miles apart.  The unique elements of cultures that are worlds apart from our own is coming into a renewed appreciation, and every culture has something beautiful and profound to contribute to the world of fashion and jewellery.

With this recognition of cultures comes respect, and with that respect comes concern for the actual people involved in the production of fashion.  Ethically sourced fashion and jewellery pieces are increasingly in the spotlight with the growing perspective that if the creation of something has caused harm to anyone, it simply is not beautiful.  We’re seeing an increased effort to reach out a hand to help other people and take care of our world.  Olivia Burton is a great example, as they are beginning to produce vegan and eco friendly watches.  Also, keep an eye on our Steff brand for an upcoming opportunity to help us make a positive impact on our world!

2018’s trends are colourful, fun, and impactful.  Whatever your personal style, you’ll find something that brings new life to your wardrobe this year.