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Gucci pushes the boundaries of contemporary fashion with the G Cube Collection

Discover how the design innovators at Gucci have once again pushed the boundaries of contemporary jewellery design with the NEW G Gube Collection.

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Discover how you can select the perfect Engagement Ring for the special person in your life that will make your proposal even more special.
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Explore the latest Tissot MotoGP Watches at the Silverstone British Grand Prix

As one of the most hotly anticipated motor racing events of the year, the 2019 MotoGP British Grand Prix represents a weekend of racing that is sure to live long in the memory. Taking place at the home of motorsport at Northamptonshire’s prestigious Silverstone circuit...

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The Monopoly Man

The newest arrival to our watch collection is sure to catch your eye

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Jewellery Metal Matters

When choosing wedding bands and engagement rings, there are many features to consider.  For engagement rings, the most striking aspect may be your carefully chosen, high quality stone.  The metal you choose for your rings can make stones appear larger or smaller, as well as determining how much care and maintenance your jewellery will need over time.  Your lifestyle and profession may affect how frequently you will need to clean and repair your rings but choosing the right precious metal for bands can greatly ease the level of effort needed.

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Understanding Watch Movements

Put simply, when discussing the movement of a specific watch, one is referring to what makes a watch tick.  Like anything else that moves, watches require energy to rotate the hands across the face of the dial at the perfect speed.  Some watches are run mechanically and require physical movement or winding to charge this energy, while others are electric and are powered by batteries. The three main types of watch movement are electronic, manual, and automatic. 

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Watch Styling

Well-chosen watches add an instant touch of sophistication and polish.  While the market currently targets men to an obsessive degree, wristwatches’ popularity originated with Europe’s aristocratic women and are commonly worn by anyone needing an accessory that ties a look together with professionalism. 

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Crossing the Line: 2018’S Spring / Summer Trends

What do Napoleon’s throne, your great grandmother’s curtains, and 2018’s most prominent jewellery trends have in common?

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Gifting for Mum

We’ve all been there. Dinner is at four, & it’s currently 3:45 as we sit in the car, scribbling the first kind thought that we can think of into a card. If we’re feeling ambitious, we might grab a bouquet of flowers as we pay for our petrol at the till.

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